A few of our boulder creek community members
Boulder Creek Community was founded in 2007 by visionary Greg Sherwin who had a dream of creating a more affordable urban cohousing community in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. Greg traveled to 55 cohousing and intentional communities around the country researching his dream before settling on an unconventional model for Boulder Creek Community.

Fun at Boulder Creek

Here at Boulder Creek Community we are proud to have a non-traditional cohousing design. We are what is called an in-fill cohousing community where an existing structure or set of buildings is filled-in by community members to create cohousing. Our founder, Greg, purchased 17 units (apartment-style condominiums) inside a 363-unit condominium complex situated on a 12 acre creekside property. Members of our cohousing community either rent these units or, after they have committed to the community, may chose to buy them from Greg (see the Rent/Buy page for details). Like many cohousing communities, we also have a few members who live “off-campus” elsewhere in Boulder, but who attend our events or hold seats in our core group.

Our community is centered around the idea of service. We have a core group that is responsible for hosting events related to one of four core themes related to service:

  • 1) Service to our wider community (events include regular opportunities to volunteer with the elderly or the homeless; creek-side clean-ups and other environmentally focused events, etc.).
  • 2) Service to the Boulder Creek Community (events include monthly community meetings and dinners).
  • 3) Service to ourselves that promotes personal and interpersonal growth (events include heart centered activities like yoga of laughter, drumming, poetry night, morning meditation, and personal growth workshops).
  • 4) Service to the general public that promotes education about and opportunities to experience community living (also known as the Community Learning Center or CLC). This is an intentional way to host guests or “community explorers” from all over the world who are curious about community living. See the Visit Us page for details.

At Boulder Creek Community we also have a Common House that serves as a hub for larger events and meals. Our Common House is a four-story townhouse with a kitchen, large living room and dining space on the main floor, and guest and residential rooms on the other floors. The Common House residents also host events for the community, with a focus on having fun, making music, and eating delicious food.

For more general information on cohousing, including a directory of cohousing communities in the United States, please visit the Cohousing Association of America’s website cohousing.org or the Fellowship for Intentional Community website IC.org.