Photo of Boulder Creek - cohousing in Boulder
Boulder Creek Community (BCC) is an intentional/cohousing community made up of approximately twenty residential and non-residential members functioning within a 12-acre 363-unit condominium complex called Gold Run. The complex is situated in the heart of Boulder and is bordered by the beautiful Boulder Creek multi-use path, Scott Carpenter Park, the campuses of the University of Colorado Boulder (CU) and Naropa University, and the 29th Street Mall. Our lofts, flats and townhouses are surrounded by mature trees and plenty of green space.

Happy living at cohousing in BoulderOur community consists of members with a diversity of backgrounds, careers, ages and views. We all share a desire to live in a conscious community that honors a heart-felt way of being together. We are a service-focused community that values creativity, having fun together, personal growth, conscious communication, participation, contributing to the broader community and the environment, and sharing resources with one another.

BCC was founded in 2007 with the vision of creating a more affordable option for urban cohousing in Boulder, Colorado. To this end we offer members the option to rent or, after they are an established member, to own their home.

Events are held a minimum of five times a month and all members contribute by planning events and hosting community meals. Our new 2,300 square foot Common House is a hub for our community. There we have a guest room available for visitors and a kitchen, dining room and living room for larger gatherings. Five members reside at the common house and they oversee the activities and programming that goes on there. We also have a studio apartment available for folks who want to explore community living.